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En Picado   [2020-21]

A creation for five dancers exploring the themes of suicide, angst, depression and promiscuity. 

Dancers: Aritz Lopez, Helena Wilhelmsson, Mar Rodriguez Valverde, Myriam Perez Cazabon and Oihana Vesga.  

Musician and composer: Idoia Hernandez. With the participation of Aitor Zabala. 

Costume design by Amada Dominguez. 

Schubert  [2019]

A creation for six dancers with music by the Austrian composer Franz Schubert Elgar. The work is based on the Schubertiade, informal and unadvertised gatherings, held at private homes and organised during Schubert's lifetime to celebrate his music. 

Premiered at the Victoria Eugenia Theater in San Sebastián on the 24th of May, 2018. 

Dancers: Aritz Lopez, Carmen Fumero, Helena Wilhelmsson, Olive Lopez, Antonio Ayesta and Amada Dominguez. 

Musicians: Mari Tere Balerdi, Jesus Cuesta, Ignacio Araquistain. 

Costume design by Amada Dominguez. 

Ed.Elgar  [2017]

A creation for seven dancers with music by the English composer Edward Elgar. The work is based on the figure of Elgar himself, and the musical score Piano Quintet in A minor, Op.84 (1918) is performed live on stage. 

Premiered at the Victoria Eugenia Theater in San Sebastián on the 16th of March, 2017. 

Dancers: Ying Yun Chen, Carmen Fumero, Myriam Perez, Jaiotz Osa, Paula Martinez, Dácil González and Iker Arrue. 

Musicians: Lou Delebecque, Lidia sierra, Maria Luisa Sopeña, Julia Caro, Laura Gracia, Gonzalo Sánchez.

PLUMMET, a sharp dive down in three acts   [2017]

A creation for FTS Folkwang Tanzstudio, Essen. Social exclusion, the inability to adapt to certain situations and failure to let go and free oneself from the past are the main themes of this work. Inspired by Genesis 19, thematically, the action serves as a metaphor for the narrative of Lot's wife: "Flee for your life! Do not look behind you, nor stop anywhere in the Plain; flee to the hills, lest you be swept away." But Lot's wife looked back at the destroyed city of Sodom and was turned into a pillar of salt.  

Dancers: Chih-ming Yu, Uwe Brauns, Ying Yung Chen, Stephanie Miracle, Nejma Larichi, Jan Möllmer, Eva Pageix, Simon Wolant, Shan Gao and Chih-i Wu. - 21.01.2017   "PLUMMET (the fall) pushes the dancers into the announced `sharp dive´... Powerful, complex patterns of movement are elegantly integrated into a continuous flow of current. In Essen, as a guest choreographer, he [Iker Arrue] left a good business card."

Grooming  [2015_16]
​’Grooming’ (preying sexually on a child) reflects on the psychological aspect of not fulfilling social expectations and the inner conflicts that arise from it, how communication between people can often be perverted and the very human need to escape their immediate reality (fake identities, lies, manipulation, unfulfilled desires, loneliness, desire, fear, violence, guilt…etc.). Social exclusion, deviance, individualism and social acceptance clearly reflect the complexity of the human being and the fact that people do not lie by choice. As a poetic exercise, this journey to your inner self is almost an exercise in obscurantism. Essential for an artist, but also anybody.

Dancers: Carmen Fumero and Iker Arrue.

119.104  [2014]


Inspired by the image of Victor Frankl (Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, a concentration camp survivor during the Second World War), the work is presented as an exercise that aims to reflect on the values, hopelessness, suffering and life purposes in an attempt to question or make us doubt about our ideals.

Dancers: Jose Luis Sendarrubias, Amaia Elizaran, Michael Carter, Carmen Fumero, Yadira Rodríguez and Marina Rodríguez. 

Because who is perfect?  [2014]

​Dance production related to Dingzihu, video and sound installation.

Because who is perfect? is a piece for three dancers that continues previous works around the image of Victor Frankl.

Dancers: Yadira Rodríguez, Carmen Fumero and Dácil González.

Invisible Beauty [2014]


​This work aims to share reflections on the relationship between an Alzheimer´s-stricken father and his son, where the patient and his disrupted view of reality become the only reference for the audience.


Invisible Beauty attempts to find beauty in images and situations that a first glance, would reflect horror or sadness.


Dancers: Dácil González, Antonio Ayesta, Carmen Fumero and Lucía Bernardo.

Retratos de la Belle Époque  [2013]

Portraits of the Belle Époque is a piece that metaphorically illustrates the new individualism of modern man and his interest in the image projected in their social environment.


The portrait was the most figurative painting in its genre during the Belle Époque (1870-1914). The piece suggests a look into the complex pictorial movements of the Belle Époque. While decoding this period's iconographic and psychological keys, it attempts to build bridges between the history of painting, the social and cultural history of both the beginning of the century and nowadays, and contemporary dance.


Dancers: Yadira Rodríguez, Verónica García Moscardó and Gustavo Ramírez.

Ojos en la nuca  [2012]


Based on the work developed for several years by ZYGMUNT BAUMAN, JUAN ANGEL URRUZOLA and ANTONI MUNTADAS about the knowledge assimilated through senses and the ways of understanding reality through the body, Ojos en la nuca proposes the study of human behaviour when facing shortcomings that in everyday situations are rarely considered. Absence or losses could be translated as the lack of any of the five senses.


Dancers: Carmen Fumero and Iker Arrue. 



TOC   [2018]
A creation for EDCM / CALQ, Montreal, Canadá.

Premiere: 12th of December, Espace Orange de l’Édifice Wilder Espace Danse

Supported by:
Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa, CALQ, Gipuzkoako Dantzagunea and Tabakalera.
Dancers: Chanelle Allaire, Catherine Ally, Rodrigo Alvarenga-Bonilla, Éloïse Bastien, Madeleine Bellefeuille, Solene Bernier, Angélique Delorme, Jade Dussault-Lapointe, Constance Gadan, Simone Gauthier, Rafaelle Kennibol Cox, Cheline Lacroix, Lucie Lesclauze, Brian Mendez, Mathilde Mercier-Beloin, Abe Mijnheer, Lorena Salinas, Audrey Thériault, Leah Tremblay.
Fabulous Failure [2018]
A creation for Compagnie Illicite - Fábio Lopez (FR).
Dancers: Ambre Badin, Anatole Zangs, Aureline Guillot, Loïc Consalvo, Estelle Roux. 
Speaking WALLS  [2016]

Site Specific creation for Haatik Dantza Konpania

Supported by  Donostia / San Sebatián 2016 EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE. 

Newman [2015]
A creation for CODARTS in collaboration with Amsterdam Sinfonietta and De Doelen.
Dancers: Edoardo Deodati, Lavinia Merola, Nikki Tarling, Samantha Connor Speetjens and Delano Spenrath.  
Please, Meat, Me  [2014]

​​A site specific project in Shanghai, in collaboration with Tiago Valente.

Dancers: Tiago Valente and Iker Arrue.

Le Père  [2014]

Short creation for Convexus Contemporary Ballet in Mexico City. 

Dancers: Ana Paula Oropeza, Lizeth Rosano, Francisco Rojas.

AI DŌ (合 道)



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