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From the need to find a choreographic language that could adapt and respond to specific concerns and to raise and show the public these reflections, Iker Arrue created the AI DŌ PROJECT dance company in 2009.


AI DŌ (合道) PROJECT develops three lines of work:

- Creation and distribution of dance works.

- Socio-cultural project aimed at people with Alzheimer's Invisible Beauty.

- Training program aimed at artists and pedagogues of the performing arts (dance, theatre and music).

A0_V_SOBRE LA COMPAñIA_ENG_edited_edited

Among the collaborations and productions developed by AI DŌ PROJECT, the following stand out:

[fi: l] dance production. Denmark, 2009 / Instants que Moren. Spain, 2009 / Uke Nage. Spain, 2010 / (im)possibilities. Netherlands, 2011 / Verfallen. Spain, 2011 / Eyes in the nape. Spain, 2012 / Invisible Beauty. Spain, 2013 / Portraits of the Belle Époque. Spain, 2013 / Please, Meat, Me. China, 2014 / In front of the mirror, I stand all alone. Mexico, 2014 / 119.104. Spain, 2014 / Newman. Netherlands, 2015 / Grooming. Spain, 2015-16 / Speaking Walls. Spain, 2016 / Plummet. Germany, 2017 / Ed.Elgar. Spain, 2017 / Schubert. Spain, 2019 / En Picado. Spain, 2021.

AI DŌ (合 道)



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