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The getaway, the break and the rupture of identity are also reflected in the costumes designed by Amada Dominguez. The exhibition's content reminds us that these internal conflicts are independent of time, social class, gender and sexual identity. The presence of the double proclaims the senselessness of maintaining these distinctions in our daily lives. Who is our main character? What is the gender of the main character? Is this detail significant in the situation in which they find themselves?


Through games and traps between identity and gender, the character of the double will confront us with the uselessness of that distinction. Therefore, the costume design of each character also corresponds to a different era: the 40s, 60s, 80s and the present day, responding to the repetitive behaviour pattern of the main character. The coat is the common denominator of all the characters. It represents splitting by fission, personifications of an individual of which there was only one initially.


Do you still need to find out who she is?

You should know by now.

She is here to show you something, to announce something to you.

But do you realize how she is dressed?


Unless you get rid of her, there's no going back.

AI DŌ (合 道)



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