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Personalized digital experience of the latest dance creation of AI DO PROJECT, EN PICADO.

Directed by AI DŌ PROJECT. 


In collaboration with  Josu Cobello - HARROBIA,  KENSA PRODUKZIOAK, NIESSEN AUDITORIOA, GIPUZKOAKO DANTZAGUNEA.                Collaborators of the presentation of the project   Donostiako Udala, Donostia Kultura, Ballet T. 


In response to the current situation and the need to re-think how a stage work can be shown on screen without losing its theatre-like experience, AI DO PROJECT dance company has created, in collaboration with Kensa Produkzioak, Josu Cabelo and Harrobia and with the support of  Eusko Jaurlaritza and Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia, a digital platform which allows viewers to enjoy a unique and personalised experience of an stage work.

The goal is to offer visitors/viewers the opportunity to experience the piece "from the inside", that is, to enjoy privileged points of view of the show itself that the performers experience during the show. 

The platform presents 7 different views of the show; a general shot, an edited shot and a following view of each of the cast members (5 in this case).

Thus, the viewer can decide at any time, with a single click, which of the views they want to follow in full screen while the rest of the windows/views continue to play in reduced size. If any action or perspective in the secondary screens catches the viewer's attention, they can switch from one view to the other as many times as they wish.

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 17.54.49.png


After considering several options, and due to practical reasons, this pilot-project has made the decision to offer the experience through a downloadable file.

Users will have to install the file of approximately 17GB on their computer. Once the program is installed, the content will be playable for 2 days. After this period the license will expire and users will have to wait for the next release date on which the application will be available. This way the event will keep the essence of a specific event date, like going to the theatre, maintaining the expectation and value of the artistic work.

The application will be available for PC, Mac, Android and IOS.

The digital format of the work will also be available to institutions and festivals so that they can offer the experience to their audiences/users as another activity of their venues.

AI DŌ (合 道)



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