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DINGZIHU - Video and Sound installation.


Dingzihu is the name of the video and sound installation that is the result of   the   collaboration   between  AI  DŌ  PROJECT   and  Eva  Borner.  The installation  shows  a  series  of  images  in  a devastated  environment in Shanghai , China.


The  installation  is  presented  as  an  exercise  that  aims  to  reflect the values​​,  hopelessness,  suffering   and   life   purposes   in   an  attempt to question or make us doubt about our ideals.


The images projected on the screens refer to the thoughts of Victor Frankl (Austrian   neurologist  and  psychiatrist,   a concentration  camp  survivor during  World  War  II,  and  founder of Logotherapy) as well as to all those people  who  refuse  to  leave  and  be evicted from their homes by urban-speculation;  destruction  of  the historical past through the demolition of old residential complexes and the construction  of new and modern urban settings, mostly designed for the new rich.


The title of the installation, Dingzihu, is a Chinese word that could literally be translated as 'nail house'.  It  corresponds  to  those  buildings that are still  standing  as  a  nail  attached  to  land  in  the  middle  of an already modernized or an envirinment of ongoing modernisation.


Therefore,  the  setting  shown  on  the  screens  belongs to an area under re-construction  by  the city of Shanghai;  one  of  the  largest cities  in the world,  representative of both economic growth and the rapid evolution of Asian countries,  and  that  is  becoming  a  benchmark  for  the rest of the world.


What once used to be a  world power  against one that probably soon will be.  One  of  the  representative  conflicts from that former power against the most urgent problem of modernisation.  Two  conflicts,  two eras,  two worlds...     but   one   same   image.    Unfortunately,    war   remains    as representative image of  today´s world.


Thus,  and  using  a  common  aesthetic  to  both conflicts, the installetion metaphorically  aims  to  create  a  bridge  between  these  two historical events while making us reflect on our own ideals.




Making-of Dingzihu

From 119.104 Video and Sound installation.


07.11.2015 / 20.12.2015


05.12.2015 / 16.01.2016

LES TANNERIES Centre d´art contemporain

13.01.2018 / 25.02.2018 - GRANDE HALLE